Oriental Dreams 2019 !

The art of oriental dance

Na het succes van vorig jaar volgt de 2e editie van Oriental Dreams festival, wederom georganiseerd door Naomi Bellydance Entertainment. Oriental Dreams is een dansvoorstelling met internationaal bekende bellydance artiesten.

Naomi heeft ook dit jaar internationale artiesten weten te boeken om samen de kunst van deze oriëntaalse dans in haar verschillende stijlen te laten zien.

Elke danser(es) is uniek in zijn/haar stijl. Op deze avond zullen de artiesten verschillende stijlen van de rijke oriëntaalse dans samen brengen. Het Oriental Dreams festival brengt je in 1001 nacht sferen!

Na de show volgt een afterparty, lekker voetjes van de vloer.

Noteer alvast in je agenda 11 mei 2019!


NIEUW dit jaar; Unieke WORKSHOPS op zaterdag en zondag. De workshopleiders zijn Jasirah (from Poland, a multi-awarded winner of bellydance competitions in the world) en Rachid Alexander (from Curaçao, a world renowned oriental belly dancer and teacher)!

Workshop Jasirah:
- Tango Oriental : zaterdag 11 mei van 13:30 tot 15:30 uur
- Oriental technique - combinations : zondag 12 mei van 13:00 tot 15:00 uur

Workshop Rachid:
- Shimmy workshop met korte choreo drumsolo : zondag 12 mei van 10:30 tot 12:30 uur


JASIRAH is a professional international dancer, master teacher and judge, organizer of Raks Glam Festival in Poland. For 9 years she teaches regular classes of oriental dance in Poland and master classes around the whole world. You could meet her already teaching and performing in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, United States, Hong Kong. Since 2014 member of Bellydance Evolution. In 2016 she played main role of Cheshire Cat in "Alice in Wonderland" during 3 month tour in 30 cities of China.

Jasirah is the multiawarded winner of many many competitions, included the 1st place of the Bellydancer of the Universe (2016) and the 1st place of the Champion of Champions (2016)!

She has 10 years of experience in ballroom dancing, that gave her strong technical background and makes her performances full of energy. She uses ballromdance education a lot in her choreographies creating fusions with tango, samba and other styles. Learning from the best ballroomdance masters and legends of oriental dance makes her a mix of huge oriental dance and folklore knowlegde with great background of classical technique and skills to explain every movement in details. Well known of her outstanding drum solo technique, lively and feminine mejanse, double assaya and double veil poi skills.

Wow, isn’t this amazing having Jasirah Bellydance in Leeuwarden and not just for the show, but also for the workshops, so that we can learn from her! We are so excited to welcome the star of bellydance at Oriental Dreams Festival. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Rachid Alexander

Rachid Alexander is a world renowned oriental belly dancer and teacher born on Curaçao. He has thaught and perform throughout Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East, Central America and the Caribbean. Full of dynamic energy and passion he reveals the beauty of oriental dance on middle eastern rhythms.

Rachid Raqs, we can not wait to welcome you at our Oriental Dreams festival at 11th of May in Leeuwarden.

Julia Rose

Julia Rose is a beautiful and great bellydancer that wants to show the audience something special... She takes the audience with her in a warm and typical eastern interaction.

Julia has performed in prominent hotels in the Middle East for a long time; in Dubai, Jordan, Tunisia, Oman and Bahrain. In addition, she is a well-known name at weddings and cabarets in the Netherlands and she can be seen weekly in restaurant Topkapi Scheveningen. Her dance style is musical, cheerful and interactive.

Save the date: 11th of May , to see her on stage at the Oriental Dreams festival in Leeuwarden !!

Lou Pradas

Lou Pradas is an award-winning bellydancer living in Belgium, half French and half Belgian. Lou teaches and performs professionnaly since 2012 in Belgium and Europe. She has started her own Oriental Dance Academy in Brussels and South Belgium.

Perfectionnist, she continues to learn with instructors from all around the world, and in diverses styles of dance, so she can teach to her student the fine arts of belly dance and fusion. With fellow dancers, Lou is co-founder of the ONG Dance4Children, helping kids in need through dance & art related events.

Lou, our beautiful guest performer, we are so happy to welcome you for the second time in Leeuwarden and we really looking forward to see your show again. And this time together with your show group Lou Pradas  Collective! It will super nice to see you all shine at the stage of Oriental Dreams 2019!

Sarah Raks

Drs. Sarah Raks grew up in a family of professional musicians and dancers. From her childhood, she played music and danced daily.

In 2005, Sarah lost her heart to Arab music with a large arsenal of tones and rhythms. She studied Middle-Eastern cultures at several Universities and traveled the world to be taught by big names in Oriental dance.

After a number of years Sarah started a career as an artist. She loves to show her musicality and technique in dance by equaling the music with movement in spectacular detail.

In 2008, Sarah founded her own dance school. Students in small groups from beginner to professional level are being motivated to get the very best out of themselves. As a professional coach Sarah provides a safe space for overcoming personal barriers. Think of self-image, body posture and lifestyle.

Sarah Raks ; we cannot wait to see you shine at the 11th of May in Leeuwarden at Oriental Dreams 


Amira is an enchanting and fascinating belly dancer, giving shows at various events in and out of the Netherlands. Besides giving bellydance shows she shares her beautiful passion by giving bellydance classes and workshops for more then 15 years.

Lovely oriental queen Amira Buikdanseres Haarlem, let's shine at the 11th of May 2019 in Leeuwarden!

Pippa Pinuppins

Pippa Pinuppins has been trained and educated in African dance (she danced with the national ballet of Gambia and in different dance companies in South-Africa), Oriental dance (in Egypt, Morroco, Turkey and Israel), Burlesque (Amsterdam) and dance expression and dance therapy. She won a national contest for professional dancers in Amsterdam (with a fusion of Oriental dance, African dance and free style).

She has been praised for her expression, improvisation, emotion in the dance and contact with the audience. She was called 'Fireworks on Stage!'. She did her masters in non western dance on the Rotterdam Dance Academy and gives shows, performances and workshops over more then 20 years in Holland and in other countries. She has been dancing with many international superstars. Her specialty is fusion styles of bellydance and burlesque: both very feminine styles of dance. Her message for the world is to empower and celebrate women of all ages, forms, religions, backgrounds, sizes and colours.

Belly burlesque is a very juicy and sexy combination of vintage burlesque with props, comedy and lots of sensuality, and the more expressive styles of oriental dance.A show or workshop with Pippa is always a party and celebration for body and mind. Her messages are: Shake it till you make it, do not please but tease & move your body and free your soul! Her way of dancing is professional, sensual and spectacular with always some sense of humor involved. Everything she does, dances, writes or paints is dedicated to empower women to be free!

Yeahhh she will be here at the 11th of May!! Don’t miss this energy bom. She will rock the stage!


Oriental dance, the most beautiful dance form that exists!

Naomi is a performer as well as an instructor for group lessons and workouts, for different age groups. Naomi Bellydance School has grown out to be one of the largest oriental dance schools in the North of the Netherlands.

Naomi is the organizer of various events, including Oriental Dreams. With love for culture and dance does she organizes this festival with international known stars.

At the 11th of May, this magnificent show will take place in theater De Harmonie.

This year Naomi's show group  RaqsAnna  will also shine on stage.

Ohww I cannot waittt!

More info and upcomming beautiful (bellydance) artists will follow on this page...

Stay tuned!