Oriental Dreams 2018 !

Het Oriental Dreams festival is georganiseerd door Naomi bellydancer. Oriental Dreams is een dansvoorstelling van verschillende professionele bellydance artiesten, die internationaal bekend zijn over de hele wereld.

Elke danser is uniek in haar of zijn stijl, op 10 maart dansen ze de sterren van de hemel in de schouwburg De Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

Kom en geniet van deze prachtige 1001 nacht show!

Noteer alvast in je agenda 10 maart 2018!

Lou Pradas

Lou Pradas is an award-winning bellydancer living in Belgium, half French and half Belgian. Lou teaches and performs professionnaly since 2012 in Belgium and Europe. She has started her own Oriental Dance Academy in Brussels and South Belgium. Perfectionnist, she continues to learn with instructors from all around the world, and in diverses styles of dance, so she can teach to her student the fine arts of belly dance and fusion. With fellow dancers, Lou is co-founder of the ONG Dance4Children, helping kids in need through dance & art related events.

Lou Pradas, the beautiful guest performer, we are so happy that you will perform at Oriental Dreams festival ! We are looking forward ! Welcome habibti. 

Anne Marie Lolas

Anne Marie Lolas is a Chilean bellydancer and psychologist with Palestinian roots. She is dancing for more than 17 years and she has studied with the best teachers in countries like Egypt, Brasil and Argentina.

She organizes, together with her colleagues, the Raks Masri festival in santiago (Chili) where she has worked with the most well known artists like Jade el Jabel, Lubna Emam, Mercedes Nieto and David of Scandinavia.

In 2017 she was teaching in Ecuador in the Bellyfolklore festival together with one of the most important Egyptian teachers, Randa Kamel and Khaled Mahmoud.

We are proud having Anne Marie Lolas all the way from Chili at our Oriental Dream festival!

Anne Marie Lolas , we can not wait to welcome you at 10th of March in Leeuwarden!

Aisa Lafour

Aisa Lafour is an internationally sought after bellydance teacher and performer. She is travelling around the world to teach and perform on international bellydance festivals and important events. She was the winner of the "Bellydancer of the world contest 2008" and was one of the main dancers and loyal dancers of Jillina’s “Bellydance Evolution” Show, with whom she toured in the US, Europe and Morocco.

Aisa Is a diplomated danceteacher and is the founder of Heartbeat of Bell...ydance which is her danceschool based in Amsterdam and online Bellydance school. She is the organiser of the annual Orientalicious Bellydance Festival.

In her classes and shows you will feel her passion for Oriental dance and it’s technical, musical, emotional and cultural background.

Aisa Lafour, we cannot wait to have you with us in Leeuwarden at Oriental Dreams!!




Amira is an enchanting and fascinating belly dancer, giving shows at various events in and out of the Netherlands. Besides giving bellydance shows she shares her beautiful passion by giving bellydance classes and workshops for more then 15 years.

Lovely oriental queen Amira Buikdanseres Haarlem, let's shine at the 10th of March 2018 in Leeuwarden!


Badra Falak


Badra Falak is a visionary dancer who believes that every woman has the power to become her own vision of herself. Badra means Full Moon in Arabic language. With her dance Badra recreates "the sensation of looking at all the stars on a clear beautiful night and think of how much there is out there that we see, and don't see, know and don't know.... the sum of all that is Badra Falak".

Lovely Badra Falak , we are waiting for you at the 10th of March 2018 in Leeuwarden! YEEAAHH!!


Mena Leila  &  Kismet Bellydance


Mena Leila is of Dutch and Tunisian origin. Mena Leila has her own dance school in Alkmaar. She performs for various events, festivals and celebrity events. Her dance style is narrative, intense and energetic. Mena Leila created the Stichting Werelddans to professionalize world dance and world music. Besides being a bellydancer, Mena is also a production organisator for international events. Mena Leila is the leader of Kismet Bellydance. They will also shine on the Oriental Dreams stage.

Mena Leila and Kismet Bellydance Alkmaar ; we cannot wait to welcome you all at 10th of March in Leeuwarden.


Rachid Alexander


Rachid Alexander is a world renowned oriental belly dancer and teacher born on Curaçao. He has thaught and perform throughout Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East, Central America and the Caribbean. Full of dynamic energy and passion he reveals the beauty of oriental dance on middle eastern rhythms.

Rachid Raqs, we can not wait to welcome you at our Oriental Dreams festival at 10th of March in Leeuwarden.




Shahzadeh started as a belly dancer and got taught by many amazing Dutch belly dancers for serveral years.

For many years belly dancing was her biggest passion, but still there was something, 'that one piece' missing and she discoverd that was her strong and deep love for the Persian culture en her beautiful folkloric dances. Ever since she has been specialising herself in Persian and Afghan dance styles, in order to show and represent the beauty, grace and refinement of the Persian culture.

Shahzadeh OrientalDance we will see you at 10th of March in Leeuwarden.


More info and upcomming beautiful (bellydance) artists will follow on this page...

Stay tuned!